Teenager Kit – Donatello A visiting tool for teenagers

The Teenager Kit is a tool designed for teenagers aged 12 to 19, allowing them to tour the Donatello, the Renaissance exhibition on their own or with their friends.

The Kit is a small illustrated guide that uses plain, accessible language to propose a series of exercises and thoughts allowing its users to explore Donatello’s work and to re-interpret it for their own era. It contains in-depth information on some of the exhibits and proposes creative exercises inspired by the sculptures and paintings seen at the exhibition for users to do either while touring the show or at home.

The Kit has been designed for youngsters passionate or simply curious about art who have never tried visiting an art exhibition on their own, as well as for youngsters whose only experience of an art exhibition has been on school outing. The Kit helps them discover art as a personal experience to be enjoyed during their free time in the company of whoever they choose.

The Teenager Kit is designed for use in Palazzo Strozzi’s exhibition halls and for ongoing use at home. It is free of charge and is available in a hardcopy version at the entrance to the exhibition or it can be downloaded in digital format.

Download the Teenager Kit

The Teenager Kit is a project by Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi. Illustrations and design by Gianluca Patti e Bianca Sangalli Moretti.

For and with young people

Il Kit Teenager della mostra Donatello, il Rinascimento è realizzato con la collaborazione di Anna Bonciani, Diego Carta, Marco Contri, Alessandro Ermini, Ginevra Bianchi, Genny Boncoraglio, Chiara CThe Teenager Kit for the Donatello, the Renaissance exhibition has been produced in conjunction with Anna Bonciani, Diego Carta, Marco Contri, Alessandro Ermini, Ginevra Bianchi, Genny Boncoraglio, Chiara Ciullini, Martina Fiorentini, Neri Bartolozzi, Claudio Caldini, Matilde Merli and Pietro Quadri, the students of the III and IV Liceo Scientifico at the Istituto Ernesto Balducci in Pontassieve who are taking part in the 2021/2022 edition of Plurals, the PCTO pathway organised by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and Professor Cristiana Canali.

For teachers

The Kit is a tool designed to encourage students to visit the exhibition under their own steam at a time when it is still difficult for schools to organise educational outings. Teachers wishing to suggest to their students that they might want to avail themselves of the kit can write to our Education Deparment for more in-depth information on the Kit and its use.

INFO: edu@palazzostrozzi.org

Above: Donatello e Michelozzo, Danza di spiritelli (det.) (dal Pergamo del Sacro Cingolo a Prato), 1434-1438, Prato, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo – Diocesi di Prato. Fototeca Ufficio Beni Culturali Diocesi di Prato.