The Mystery of the Missing Statue Enter the competition and win a trip to Athens!

The Mystery of the Missing Statue is an interactive game designed as part of the exhibition Power and Pathos. Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World. The activity stimulates careful observation, creating a level of intrepretation parallel to the main thrust of the exhibition. All visitors are invited to participate and enter to win a trip to Athens.

The aim of the competition is to solve the mystery surrounding the missing statue by Lisippo, its base located in the very first room of the exhibition. Prior to entering the exhibition, everyone has the opportunity to choose a role to play – the archaeologist, the forger or the collector – and solve the mystery of the missing statue using the special kits available at the Info Point. These kits contain materials specially dedicated to each character and allows visitors to explore and obtain evidence and information to find a solution for the lost statue. Speical areas within the exhibition provide additional clues. At the end of the visit, you can propose your own description of the statue and a short story suggesting a solution to the mystery of the missing statue. The author of the best story wins a trip to Athens for two.

The activity is free with a ticket to the exhibition.