The Secrets of Statuary – Tour + Workshop

The exhibition Power and Pathos. Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World provides an opportunity to use art as a resource for studying history while promoting a debate between the past and the present.

This tour focuses on techniques used for working with bronze, a material that has a certain attractive and somewhat mysterious appeal. Bronze statues are the product of a complex technical process, and often have a magical aura to them because of the extremely high level of quality achieved in the ancient world. Focusing in particular on the works of art considered the most interesting from a technical perspective, the tour utilizes the two interactive rooms in the exhibition to visualise the main steps of cire perdue, lost-wax, casting process. Additionally, the tour asks participants to reflect on various crucial concepts in bronze statuary such as the concept of an original, a replica or a copy. At the end, the workshop activity allows each participating student to develop a personal interpretation of the stimuli while visiting the exhibition. After exploring the techniques used by artists of the ancient world, students are given sculptural materials to breathe life into original creations of their own.

The activity is tailored in language and content, and the workshop session caters to different age groups.

Info: The tour + workshop lasts approximately two hours.

The tour + workshop costs € 72.00 (maximum 25 students), plus the price of admission to the exhibition (€ 4.00 per student). Admission is free for accompanying teaching staff.

Reservation required

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