Guided tours for universities – Donatello For universities and academies of art

Donatello, the Renaissance is a historic, once-in-a-lifetime exhibition which sets out to reconstruct the astonishing career of one of the most important and influential masters of Italian art of any era, juxtaposing his work with masterpieces by artists such as Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Andrea Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini, Raphael and Michelangelo.

The tour of the exhibition devised for university and academy of art students unfolds among a selection of exhibits, offering the students in considerable depth.

Starting with his early work for Florence Cathedral and continuing right on up to the bronzes he fashioned in his mature years, the tour addresses public and private commissions and examines the influence of the great Renaissance master’s work both on his immediate pupils and on later generations of artists.

Tours are structured for groups of up to 20 people plus the guide. Wireless whisper systems must be used: groups may use their own system or order one when booking the tour. The date and time slot of the tour must be reserved in advance. To ensure the tour takes place in a safe and healthy environment, please consult our webpage Open in safety.

Cost and duration

The tour costs € 72.00.
Admission free for accompanying academic staff.
The tour lasts 90 minutes.

Maximum number of participants per group: 20 people.
Groups comprising a larger number of students will be split into as many sub-groups as it takes to comply with the health measures in force at the time.

All activities are available in a range of foreign languages.

The cost of the tour does not include either the price of admission (€ 5 per person) or the advance sales fee (€ 1 per person). The cost of hiring a wireless whisper system, the use of which is compulsory on all guided tours, is included in the cost of the guided tour.

Reservations are required.

Academic staff interested in an introduction to Palazzo Strozzi’s exhibitions and its other activities designed for academies and universities may either use this form to subscribe, or they can get in touch with our Education Department by writing to

Reservations are required

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In copertina: Donatello, Martirio di san Sebastiano (det.), 1450-1452 circa, Parigi, Institut de France, Musée Jacquemart-André. © Studio Sébert Photographes