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On the occasion of the exhibition Anselm Kiefer. Fallen Angels visits and workshops are offered to schools of all levels to experience the exhibition as a space for personal experimentation and sharing with the whole class.

The tours are calibrated for different age groups, are structured in a dialogic mode and include hands-on experiences in the exhibition. Workshop activities follow the visit and invite reworking of the stimuli received from the works through an experience to be done independently or in groups.

Before the visit

In the first days of the exhibition opening, free meetings are organized for teachers and materials are made available to prepare for the visit, deepen some content about the artists and make the activities more inclusive.

In-depth materials Soon available

More information on accessibility can be found on the Visitor Information page.

After booking, teachers are asked to fill out a pre-visit questionnaire (available soon) that collects information about classroom characteristics in order to improve the visitor experience.

Tour of the exhibition

The exhibition Anselm Kiefer. Fallen Angels offers an opportunity to learn about the works of the great German master who made his debut in the late 1960s with works reflecting on World War II and Germany’s emotional and cultural legacy. Today, using painting, sculpture, installation and photography, Kiefer’s art explores connections between past, present and future.

The visit offers a reflection on the relationship with history, literature and philosophy focusing on the processes of erasure and preservation of memory. Through moments of individual observation of the works and shared discussion, classes are invited to explore different ways of relating to art and reinterpreting fragments of the past in light of the contemporary.

Duration one and a half hours
Cost € 3 per student plus ticket price (free for children under 6, students with disabilities, teachers accompanying the class)

Per una migliore esperienza di visita, consulta le informazioni per i visitatori.

Chiavi della città

Palazzo Strozzi joins Le Chiavi della città, the initiative of the City of Florence that promotes the provision of educational and formative paths supplementary to didactics aimed at Florentine schools.

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