The Universe in a spiderweb Visit for families with kids from 7 to 12

From 20 September 2020

To 01 November 2020

  • Sunday

Tomás Saraceno explores the world we live in and shows with his art that everything is part of a delicate balance. His works reveal the connections that link every element in the universe, from the tiniest creatures like spiders to the air that we breathe and the sun that warms us.
On our tour we discover some of his major installations, expressing our thoughts and discussing the works while observing them in a family and group sharing experience. We explore the artist’s ideas in greater depth in the exhibition halls thanks to a series of activities devised for children and grown-ups, to discover how everything around us is linked by invisible threads.

Due to the health crisis activities are now permitted for groups of 8 participants all told (adults and children combined). The new visiting regulations reflect health measures adopted to combat COVID-19.

Activity in Italian only

Reservations are required. Places are limited.
The activities are free of charge but a ticket to the exhibition must be purchased.

Reservation required
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