Connections – Marinella Senatore Accessibility Programmes

Connections is Palazzo Strozzi’s accessibility project for people with mental health issues or intellectual disabilities. The scheme consists of activities in which shared observation and involvement optimise participants’ potential for self-expression. Participants take their cue from the exhibits to develop free connections and sensory experiences that bolster and enrich different forms of communication.

With We Rise by Lifting Others, a new project by Marinella Senatore, Connections offers to people with intellectual disabilities two different types of activities, both in remote mode.

A visit using a digital platform is steered by a museum educator and it is focused on the large installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi inspired by Italian luminaria. This installation by Marinella Senatore is the starting point for a shared observation and a personal involvement with art and other participants.

Then a remote initiative aims to develop a new sense of community through simple questions and actions.

Schedule of meeting:

Thursday 10 December, 15.00 – 16.00 preliminary meeting

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