We Rise by Lifting Others Tutorial

Marinella Senatore and Palazzo Strozzi invite you to take part in the project with their own contribution.

As part of Marinella Senatore’s We Rise by Lifting Others project at Palazzo Strozzi, a series of online workshops were held by Nandhan Molinaro and Elisa Zucchetti, designed to activate creative processes with the body. The meetings took place via Zoom and created a virtual community involving very different groups of people.

Following this experience, three video tutorials were realised having the purpose of inspiring the autonomous creation of movement starting from any body and any context. The words used as inspiration were donated by the numerous participants.

Observe the indications of Nandhan and Elisa in the video tutorials. At this point it’s your turn: follow the proposed actions, record a video, and share it with us on this page.

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