We Rise by Lifting Others – workshop Digital workshop for communities

A programme of digital workshops designed by the artist will accompany and enhance the installation We Rise by Lifting Others; this will involve Senatore working with a group of over 100 people from high school and university students, visitors to day care centers and nursing homes, teachers, educators, volunteers and artists. The group will take the phrases of the luminarie as a starting point to reflect on the relationship between verbal and non-verbal language, in a synergy between literature, movement and body. The artist will lead the group in a series of activities focused on the relationship between individuals and between bodies to shape the limits and possibilities of community life in this historical moment.

The results of this creative experience are a series of tutorials freely available to all the public through Palazzo Strozzi digital channels, creating an additional space for connection between people.

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As the artist herself says: “Thinking of ourselves as a community also means this: people who activate other people. Even if not coming into contact directly, the requests of each of us, in the hands of others, filtered by different memories, autobiographies, desires and thoughts, will be brought to a completely different result “.

Credits: Marinella Senatore, The School of Narrative Dance: Little Chaos, 2013. Courtesy the artist