Nuances – American Art A scheme for autistic girls and boys

Nuances is a scheme that Palazzo Strozzi has devised in conjunction with the Associazione Autismo Firenze for young people and adults with autistic spectrum disorders. The programme consists of activities designed to facilitate participants’ interaction with the works of art on display in the exhibition halls through visual and sensorial stimuli. Each activity is preceded by the despatch of material informing participants on the spaces and artworks to be addressed and by a chat allowing us to familiarise with the group’s characteristics.

As of 2020, the scheme was transformed into an on-line experience so that we could continue to offer the experience even during lockdown.

To tie in with the American Art 1961 -2001 exhibition, Nuances is continuing to pursue its on-line programme by offering tours on its digital platform.

The artworks in the exhibition become the starting point for involving groups in an exchange of personal opinions and ideas. Participants can express their thoughts and listen to other group members’ words to encourage the collective enjoyment of the works of art.

The activities will take place, by appointment only, on days and at times to be agreed on.

A preliminary encounter for caregivers is scheduled for Monday 14 June at 15.00

Nuances’ activities are designed in conjunction with the Centro Casadasé’s users and educators.

Activity in Italian only. The project is completely free of charge.
Reservations are required in order to take part.

Info and reservations

Dipartimento Educazione

On top: Catherine Opie, Tammy Rae & Kaia, Durham, North Carolina (det.), 1998, Minneapolis, Walker Art Center. © Catherine Opie. Courtesy the artist and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis