Vagabondi efficaci Seminare cultura per crescere insieme

Palazzo Strozzi is renewing its commitment to education with a project that it has christened Vagabondi efficaci. Seminare cultura per crescere insieme (Effective Vagabonds. Sowing culture to grow together). The initiative, coordinated with Oxfam Italia and sponsored by Regione Toscana, involves forty regional partners conducting a series of actions designed to provide quality educational experiences for boys and girls aged 11 to 17 from all over Tuscany.

The three-year project, which was selected by Con i Bambini in the context of its fund for tackling junior educational poverty, addresses the issues of school dropouts and social exclusion.

Palazzo Strozzi has so far succeeded in organising encounters and workshops in the schools of the Valdarno, Amiata Grossetana and Val d’Orcia areas.

School shutdown during the COVID-19 health crisis has prevented us from completing several of the scheduled pathways, so we have asked students from their enforced confinement in their homes to complete the pathways in remote mode and to send us a final paper in order to wind up the debate on which we embarked together. Students in classes 2° AME and 2° APA from the ISIS Valdarno in San Giovanni Valdarno have shared a slice of their personal lives. We asked them to sketch freely to the rhythm of their favourite music. The image behind each sketch shows the room in which they produced their work while listening to their music. Some of them have now shared the result of the exercise with us. The caption refers to the title of the music track to which they were listening while doing the sketch

Students at the ISIS Da Vinci-Fermi study in the school complexes of the Amiata Ovest Cluster in the province of Grosseto, split between the municipalities of Arcidosso, Castel del Piano and Santa Fiora. We managed to organise an outing with the classes taking part in the project to places of significance for their area: the Rocca di Arcidosso castle, the Pieve di Santa Lucia church in Castel del Piano and the chapel of the Madonna delle Nevi in Santa Fiora. A few weeks later, with the lockdown already in full swing, we asked the classes to flesh out the most significant memories of their visit to those sites and we have assembled the results in the form of an animated collage.

The students in CPIA1 at Castel del Piano should have visited the Arcidosso Castle but the visit was called off because of the health crisis. We asked them to draw the castle from their homes, using photographs found on the Internet, their own memory or simply their imagination. Their drawings were then superimposed on an image of the castle. The evidence of an experience that never happened became a stimulus to make sure that it does happen as soon as the opportunity arises.

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