Light in Your Pocket Workshop for families with children aged 7 to 12

From 09 October 2022

To 15 January 2023

  • Sunday

Olafur Eliasson uses his work to transform Palazzo Strozzi: lights, shadows, colours and even water invade the rooms to create astonishing environments.

On our tour of the exhibition we observe a few of this visionary artist’s installations and we discover how he manages to change the Palazzo’s rooms by also using our presence. The artworks are the starting point for both personal experiences and shared group experiences, while activities and experiments in the exhibition rooms allow us to experience the exhibition in a fun way.

In the workshop we revisit what we have discovered and complete our experience by creating our own miniature artworks: micro-compositions made of both transparent and opaque materials that change their dimensions when we project them onto the workshop walls, thus transforming the atmosphere and the space around us.

The Light in Your Pocket workshop is designed for grownups and kids to do together, thus offering the whole family an opportunity to experience art.

Per una migliore esperienza di visita, consulta le informazioni per i visitatori.

Reservations are required. Places are limited.
The cost of the activity is included in the price of admission to the exhibition.

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Cover illustration: Olafur Eliasson, Colour spectrum kaleidoscope (det.), 2003. Photo: Sofía Corrales. © 2003 Olafur Eliasson