With Many Voices – Olafur Eliasson: Nel tuo tempo

With Many Voices is a scheme devised by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

The scheme is run by the Fondazione’s Education Department in conjunction with expert geriatric educators.

With Many Voices offers people living with dementia the chance to express themselves through art, proposing a model for communication that is still possible. Encouraging participants to resort to their imagination rather than their memory, to their creativity rather than their logical and cognitive capabilities, optimises each person’s capacity for communication. The scheme, which is open to families and healthcare homes alike, consists of cycles of encounters both in front of exhibits in the exhibition and in the Maria Manetti Shrem Educational Center.

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For the Olafur Eliasson: Nel tuo tempo exhibition, the scheme will consist of activities organised in cycles of encounters, soliciting active participation on the part of those living with dementia and of their carers.

On-site introductory meeting

Tuesday 27 September, 15.00

On-site activities

Cycle A
Tuesday 4 October, 15.00
Tuesday 18 October, 15.00
Tuesday 8 November, 15.00

Cycle B
Tuesday 11 October, 15.00
Tuesday 25 October, 15.00
Tuesday 15 November, 15.00

Cycle C (for healthcare homes only)
Tuesday 22 November, 15.00
Tuesday 6 December, 15.00

Cycle D
Tuesday 29 November, 15.00
Tuesday 13 December, 15.00
Tuesday 20 December, 15.00

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Activity in Italian only.
The activity is completely free of charge.
Reservations are required in order to take part.

Info and reservations
Dipartimento Educazione


Cover illustration: “Olafur Eliasson: Nel tuo tempo”, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, 2022. Photo: Giulia Del Vento © 2022 Olafur Eliasson