In our time For upper secondary school

To tie in with the Olafur Eliasson: Nel tuo tempo exhibition Palazzo Strozzi has developed tours and workshops for schools to allow students to experience the exhibition as a space both for personal experimentation and for sharing with the class as a whole.

The tours, which are tailored to cater for different age groups, are structured in conversational form and include practical experiments in the exhibition. Workshop activities after the tour urge the children to reprocess the stimuli received from the exhibits with experiments which can be performed either individually or as a group.

Ahead of the visit

In the first few weeks of the exhibition we will be holding meetings for teachers and offering material for preparing the visit, exploring content regarding the artist and endeavouring to make the activities as inclusive as possible.

Material for in-depth exploration
Social history available soon
Sensory and facilities map

For further information on accessibility please consult our web page Facilities and Accessibility.

We encourage teachers, after booking, to fill out the pre-visit questionnaire with information regarding the type of class so that the activity can be effectively tailored to its specific needs.

Tour of the exhibition

“The works of art urge us to become aware of our bodies, of our minds, of our feelings, to look inside ourselves in order to reflect on the way in which we see, in which we move, on how we spend time with art,” argues Olafur Eliasson.

The visit for upper secondary school students is a tour focusing on a number of the artist’s works on display on the Piano Nobile: large installations which transform the rooms of Palazzo Strozzi with interventions that use lights, screens, mirrors and coloured filters to call into question the distinction between reality, perception and depiction. Shapes, colours, settings: everything is perceived on the basis of a distinctly personal yet constantly changing perspective.

The tour alternates moments of personal interaction with the exhibits, in-depth exploration of the artist and space for discussion. Observation, dialogue and debate stimulate individual and group reflection in an attempt to discover how our gaze moulds the reality that surrounds us.

Duration one hour and a half
Cost € 3 per student plus price of admission to exhibition (free of charge for disabled students, teachers accompanying their class)

Per una migliore esperienza di visita, consulta le informazioni per i visitatori.

Chiavi della Città

Palazzo Strozzi subscribes to Chiavi della Città, a Comune di Firenze scheme promoting the offer of educational and training pathways to supplement classroom teaching in Florentine schools.

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