With Many Voices – Marinella Senatore Per le persone che vivono con l'Alzheimer

With Many Voices is the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s scheme for people with Alzheimer’s, their families and the professionals who care for them.
The scheme is devised by the Fondazione’s Education Department and is implemented in conjunction with expert geriatric educators.

With Many Voices offers people living with Alzheimer’s the opportunity to express themselves through art and proposes a model for communication that is still possible. In urging participants to resort to their imagination rather than to their memory, to their creativity rather than to their logical and cognitive capabilities, we enhance each one’s ability to communicate. After an experimental phase in 2011, the scheme became a regular fixture in the Palazzo Strozzi Education Department’s programme in March 2012 and was opened up to families as well as to residents in special care homes.

With We Rise by Lifting Others, a new project by Marinella Senatore, With Many Voices continues the remote mode experience: With many voices – At the window (Italian only) is a WhatsApp group that links families and residents in special care homes. Every week on With Many Voices – At the Window we share thoughts, photos and activities, related to the artistic project by Marinella Senatore. With Many Voices also offers a series of remote mode activities using a digital platform to experiment new ways to express ourselves through art.

The artists who have taken part in the project since 2016 are Virginia Zanetti, Cristina Pancini, Marina Arienzale and Caterina Sbrana.

The activity is completely free of charge and is held in Italian.
You will need a reservation in order to take part.

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