IN TOUCH Building a new relationship with our audience

A new interaction with our audience in an effort to 'remote-trigger' a debate through the language that we know best, the language of art

Our institution is currently facing an unusual challenge: the lack of a direct interaction with works of art that normally lies at the very base of the work we do.

This has prompted us to devise a new project, In Touch. The website blog is turning into a platform of words, images, videos, stories and further reading open to all, thus creating a new interaction with our audience in an effort to ‘remote-trigger’ a debate through the language that we know best, the language of art.

This new scheme takes its cue from the Tomás Saraceno. Aria exhibition which allows us to talk about possible presents and futures, about connection and isolation, about participation and meditation: a more topical debate than ever to allow us to promote new visions of the future and of reality.

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11 March 2020: Arturo Galansino, Like in a Spiderweb

13 March 2020: Arturo Galansino, A manifest for the future: Thermodynamic Constellation

14 March 2020: Ai Weiwei, Stay home, stay together

16 March 2020: Arturo Galansino and Ludovica Sebregondi, Utopia and Freedom: between Italo Calvino and Tomás Saraceno (Italian version)

18 March 2020: Tomás Saraceno, Reducing our movement

20 March 2020: Riccardo Lami and Ludovica Sebregoni, We’re alla in the same boat

21 March 2020: Marina Abramović: my heart is with you

24 March 2020: Ludovica Sebregondi, Heaven in a Room

26 March 2020: Jeff Koons: Italy you can do this!

29 March 2020: Ludovica Sebregondi, Dining with Pontormo: recipes, concerns and conviviality

1 April 2020: Riccardo Lami, Being Together

3 April 2020: Art at Home: special activities for children, teens and families

6 April 2020: Irene Balzani, Looking Out from the Inside: relating and connecting during a lockdown

8 April 2020: Stefano Mancuso, Men, apricots and cows

10 April 2020: Chagall, Millet, Vedova: the art of the sacred in modernity

14 April 2020: Ludovica Sebregondi, The shattered embrace: sacred, dramatic, sensual

17 April 2020: Ludovica Sebregondi, A “great house”: Palazzo Strozzi

22 April 2020: Alessio Bertini, The greatest challenge

25 April 2020: Arturo Galansino, Liberations

28 April 2020: Let us allow the cobweb to guide us

1 May 2020: Ludovica Sebregondi, The Other Spanish Flu

7 May 2020: Martino Margheri and Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni, From the Anthropocene to the Aerocene

14 May 2020: Ludovica Sebregondi, The courtyard of wonders: performances, staircases and slides

18 May 2020: Irene Balzani, Physical distancing, not social distancing!

20 May 2020: Arturo Galansino, Ludovica Sebregondi, Riccardo Lami and Matthias Favarato, Moving into phase two

Project coordination by Riccardo Lami
With the collaboration of Matthias Favarato and Ivo Riccio

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